Welcoming Flavio Nottalgiovanni to the IMA

Flavio Nottalgiovanni is joining the IMA as an International Relations Specialist.

What the IMA's been up to

The essence of the IMA is to bring the internation mountainboarding community together and to help it grow.
So far, the current IMA board has focused on the World Mountainboard Championship, the 4-down video project, the newsletter, and a presence on the web and on social media.

One thing we think is important, and which Diego Anderson used to put a lot of effort in, is coordination across countries. Things like avoiding date overlaps for big events, providing support for racing and judging, hosting official event results, directing sponsors or other interested parties towards the right person in a given country, etc.

This could be a full-time job, and so after a late-night discussion with Flavio at the WMC18, we offered him the job of International Relations Specialist.
He accepted so we're excited to announce that we're bringing him in as an International Relations Specialist.

Welcome to the IMA, Flavio!

If you're an event organiser or club owner, don't be surprised if Flavio reaches out, he's here to help! :)

About Flavio

Flavio - El Mono

Flavio lives in Barcelona, Spain, and he rides for Venom. Here's a little bit about him:

What do you do for work?

I work as freelance app dev and web dev for the last 5 years and before I was working as a climber for 3 years, as a motorcycle mechanic for 8 years and after my degree, I was working as an editor on national tv.

Flavio likes to jump!

How long have you been mountainboarding?

Riding Mountainboard for the last 12 years and Snowboard for the last 25 years.

What do you like about mountainboarding?

I love the feeling of ride everywhere and to be part of a growing family wich have respect for everyone, I love to feel the wind in my face the noise of the bearings the total concentration before doing a maneuver or trick, the atmosphere when we are all together to ride and chill. The way how all together take care of all together and always try to learn and teach of/to everyone.

What do you hope to achieve working with the IMA?

I hope to give back to the sport almost a part of what the sport gave to me, I want to get better communication between all the riders and the IMA in order to get better community, I want to try to be a kind of bridge with the outer mountainboard world and by this way get more riders and more people involved and interested in our beloved sport.