The results of the 4-down video contest are in!

If you've missed the whole thing, head over to the news page about the 4 Down video project.

Before we reveal the name of winning video and team, let us tell you one thing: it was tight!

Everyone's done a good job of engaging with the community and their circle of friends and followers, so no matter what happens, it means one thing: more visibility for mountainboarding, and that'a great thing!

Because we've been watching this so closely and couldn't tell who was going to win, we thought we'd let you live the same experience by playing votes back (much faster).

So without further ado, press the button below and see who won!

Detailed results


And the winner is: Phil Heinle with "Never Pro - Always Bro"!

Congratulations to Phil and his team mates! They put a lot of time into their project and it has paid off!

Second place goes to Mason Moore with "Strapless", congratulations to him and his team as well!

Colab has sponsored the contest with 500€ for 1st and 200€ for 2nd place. We know these teams will put this money to good use and push mountainboarding!

With how close the voting was it's safe to say that all the videos were great and everyone found their public! Thank you very much to all of you who worked on your video submission!

From here on

The IMA's already expressed our desire to run this contest again for 2019. The video premiere at the WMC was very well received and it made for a really nice start for the event.

However, the big idea here was for this to be a way to kickstart more high-quality content creation for mountainboarding in general.
Over the last few years, we've all seen the signs of the community slowing down and we'd like to help change that, bring back the stoke, and have everyone push each other!

So look forward to more things like the 4 Down video contest in the future!