The 4-down project - the IMA's video contest

The first IMA mountainboard video contest! Vote for one of the 4 filmmakers who followed their mountainboarder friends to bring you the best videos.

Back in March this year, soon after the IMA presidential election, we decided to start a video contest to showcase the talent of both filmmakers and athletes around the world.

The rules

The rules were simple: about 3 months to shoot the video, a maximum of 8-10 minutes, free choice of riders and a deadline of June 22nd, and popular vote taking place early in July.

The contestants

The contest was extended to a handful of people:

  • Dylan Warren (Aus)
  • Phil Heinle (Ger)
  • Amon Shaw (UK)
  • Mason Moore (US)

Actual videos!

They have now finished their work and the videos were premiered at the World Mountainboard Championship in Kranj, Slovenia on June 27th.

They are now released fully and public voting will take place from July 2nd to the 8th! So watch the videos and head down to the voting form to tell us which video you liked best!

  • Dylan Warren's “Arrived”
  • Phil Heinle's “Never Pro - Always Bro”
  • Amon Shaw's “The Dark Side of Riding with a Champion”
  • Mason Moore's “Strapless”

Go vote!

Now that you've watched them all, head over to the voting form and pick your winner!

Vote for your favorite!