The results of the 2021 4 Down Project are in!

For background on the 4 Down Project check out our last news article.

Before revealing this year's winner, we'd like to thank everyone involved in this 4th edition of the contest: the athletes, the filming and editing crews, and the people who worked with them. We know how much work went into each and every one of these videos, and we're very grateful.

Our sponsor this year

Balance logo

All of us here at the IMA would like to thank Balance Japan for supporting the 2021 4 Down Project!

Without companies like them the sport of mountainboarding wouldn't be where it is today. They started selling mountainboards in the 90’s and have pushed the sport not only in their own country but globally. They have recently released their “Hybrid Hanger”. The top truck adapter to run old-style aluminum top trucks on the newer Matrix 2 axles. Having seen them in person they are top notch construction and a welcomed addition to those looking to retrofit Matrix 2’s with their existing Matrix top trucks!
If you haven’t seen them check out their online store for more information and to browse through all of your mountainboard needs and follow their instagram for the most recent mountainboard content:

The results

Click the button below to see a retrospective of the voting over the two-week voting period:


And the winner is... Del Cielo a la Tierra !!!

Note: we cut off voting at 7:40 on Wednesday September 1st (Paris time).

Congratulations to the Costa Rican team - James González Valle, Marco Dixon, Giancarlo Navas, Rolando Chinchilla Dinarte! Our first Central American contestants clearly made a big impression and we're very happy to award them this victory!

Many thanks to all teams for sharing with the community their wonderful videos. They gave us inspiration and something to look forward to in a year that has been tough for many. Thank you for your time, your effort, and opening our eyes to what mountainboarding means to you!

The 4 Down Project is over for now but we’ll see you again in 2022, in Australia, for the premiere of the 5th edition!