Video trailers for the 2021 4 Down Project

We get our first glimpse at what this year's teams have been working so hard on. We also get the names of the edits and have a surprise sponsorship to announce!


Balance Japan is sponsoring this year’s 4 Down Project by putting up the 500€ prize purse for the teams!

All of us here at the IMA would like to thank Balance Japan for supporting the 2021 4 Down Project! Without companies like them the sport of mountainboarding wouldn't be where it is today. They started selling mountainboards in the 90’s and have pushed the sport not only in their own country but globally. They have recently released their “Hybrid Hanger”. The top truck adapter to run old style aluminum top trucks on the newer Matrix 2 axles. Having seen them in person they are top notch construction and a welcomed addition to those looking to retrofit Matrix 2’s with their existing Matrix top trucks! If you haven’t seen them check out their online store for more information and to browse through all of your mountainboard needs and follow their instagram for the most recent mountainboard content:
Balance Japan Website


We’d like to thank the teams from Costa Rica, South Africa, Switzerland, and the Ukraine for being a part of the project this year! With the unique riding styles of each of these countries we look forward to seeing their full edits. Without further ado, here are the trailers!

Costa Rica 🇨🇷 - De la Tierra al Cielo

Athletes: James González Valle, Marco Dixon, Giancarlo Navas, Rolando Chinchilla Dinarte

South Africa 🇿🇦 - It's All Downhill From Here

Athletes: Quisto van Greunen, Court Gibson, Skollie Skolwani

Switzerland 🇨🇭 - Un-f***ing-titled

Athletes: Marco Dahler, Dave Hutter

Ukraine 🇺🇦 - Mountain ВЙО!

Athletes: Roman Sauliak, Anton Khimenko, Andrii Kytseliuk

Next up

As you can see it will be a tight competition this year! From the street to freeride to freestyle there will be everything in these edits. With the teams incorporating their own unique styles the level of riding will be inspiring, and we encourage you to do exactly that. Take what you see in these trailers and push yourself a little harder the next time you go out.

August 1st is the end of the filming window which means the 4 Down Project Premiere isn’t that far away! On August 16th look to see all of the projects online and let the voting begin!