Dear mountainboard community, it is hard to imagine that it has been a year since our last announcement. No one could have seen the pandemic coming and there was no way to prepare. But it has been good to see everyone taking care of themselves and staying healthy during these troubling times. Even though the community has been kept apart physically, we have united on social media, stayed tight, and had some sessions with each other. Unfortunately as we edge closer to this year’s World Championships we have an announcement to make.

The 2021 World Mountainboard Championship is cancelled

It is with heavy hearts that the International Mountainboard Association in conjunction with the Association Mountainboard Compiegne have made the decision to postpone the 2021 Championship.

There were many talks with each other regarding this decision and it was a tough call to make.

Many of the concerns raised last year are the same reasons we have come to this conclusion. Such as travel restrictions, lockdowns, financial burdens on athletes, and in turn a nominal turnout for a competition known to draw the highest number of competitors.

The Good News: there will still be riding

Look for the teams in France to put on gatherings. It’s not that we didn’t think anything should happen on these dates, only that the World Championships was not the best choice. The good news is that to make up for this, the teams at AMC and at LA Mountainboard are preparing a low key, week-long mountainboard event at their respective parks.

So for those who were looking forward to riding the epic Compiegne park, you can still do so, and also check out the amazing LA Mountainboard park in Rouans (near Nantes)! Full details will be released soon but the rough idea is the following :

If you've been to either or both of these parks, you'll be happy to hear that they have both undergone large amounts of work, and there will be new things to ride!

More Good News: the 4 Down Project is still on!

That's right! Another 4 teams have been selected to participate in this year's annual video contest. More details will be released at the beginning of May but know that the teams in for this year will make it a fun one!

Looking To The Future

We know there will be questions about what happens next. There will be a flip-flop in events: Australia will hold the World Championships in 2022 and France will be the home of the Championship in 2023.

Australia will be coming off a hot year of building 2 new public parks that all athletes that join will have the chance to ride. They will also hold their competition in late 2022 giving us all more time to save up and make travel plans.

Many thanks to Ludo and the crew at Association Mountainboard Compiegne. They have been on a roller coaster ride with Covid19 and planning this contest. Thank you for being understanding and fluid to make all of this work.

In closing

In closing, we miss you. As variable as the past has been we look forward to seeing everyone in the future. Through gatherings, sessions, and riding with your friends continue to push yourselves. Post on social media and show all of us what you have been working on, large or small. You’ll find a community that loves what you’re doing and you for being a part of it. We are all here for each other, if you have any questions or concerns reach out to anyone here at the IMA and we’ll be happy to help. Otherwise, have fun, we wish you the best, and we will see you in the dirt soon enough!