The 2020 4-down project - the IMA's video contest

The third annual 4 Down Project is here, and this year, it's online! Check out the 4 competing videos and cast your vote!

As you all know, we had to postpone this year's World Mountainboard Championship, and as a result, we've decided to hold this year's 4 Down video contest online. Each team had 5 months to film an 8 minute edit and here is the result!

There are intros preceding each project explaining what went into these edits and a little peek at what to expect.
Sit back and enjoy all 4 videos combined in the premiere below and don’t forget to cast your vote when it’s finished!

Many thanks to Amon Shaw for the editing on this premiere video

Vote for your favorite video!

The voting window is open until September 13th, and we'll announce the winners on September 14th. Please spread the word, we want the world to watch these videos!

Our sponsor for this year is Surfing Dirt, the up and coming community for mountainboarders!

More about the contestants and their videos

The contestants for 2020 are:

  • The US team's “Summer Camp” (AJ Lawson and Jason Lee)
  • The Japanese team's “Drifters” (Yuya Nakayama, Maaken, Champ Okada)
  • The Portuguese team's “Spirit” (António Macieira)
  • The Romanian team's
    “The Cherries on Top of The Cake”
    (Sonia Nicolau and Erica Pintea)