Dirty Dayz 2019 recap

Court Gibson tells us all about the Dirty Dayz contest which took place in South Africa in October 2019

Dirty DayZ is an annual Mountain boarding and Music Festival held at Hazyview Adventure Backpackers and Hamilton Parks Country Lodge and has been going for more than 10 years.

On Friday the 6th of September the 136 crew woke up at The Hazyview Adventure Backpackers with the sounds of the traditional Dirty DayZ mega phone going off “peeleeelelooo peeeleeeooo wake up wake up Dirty Dayz let’s go!”
It was Quisto van Greenman, the founder and creator of Dirty Dayz, he rounded up the troops… it was wet, muddy and dirty!

Gathering all the mountain boards and gear we slowly but surely got all the boarders together and headed to the Matumi Forest for the first race on the agenda. This race is called Free 4 All: a shotgun start where riders race down a steep and curvy forestry road to the Matumi River Pic Nic Spot.

We had a convoy led by Willie who had all us riders in his open air landy, we were freezing it was raining and we were drenched! However, this did not break any spirits, laughing and amping ourselves up we kept that megaphone operating all the way through the town of Hazyview, these riders are determined to make it happen come rain, sleet or snow, let’s get dirty!

When we arrived at Matumi it was time for the race… We had one little practice run down the hill and then we were ready. First up, the men’s league which consisted of 4 riders: Quisto van Greenman, Skolly Skolwani, Byron Hogan and Sean McLellan (AKA Chicken Boy).
We had a count down and the first to the bottom of the pass claims the title of King of the Hill!

With myself and the rest of the crew on the back of the bakkie we raced behind them to try and keep up… they must have been going over 80ks on those mountain boards! It was neck on neck, and we all thought Quisto would take the title, but them BAM a stick gets stuck in his tyre and he flies right off his board! Laughing all the way he picks himself back up and tries to catch up… by this point Chicken Boy is already falling on his face… all you see are these chick wing arms and legs going everywhere but this guy is as tough as nails and just keeps on going. Byron is still up ahead when suddenly, Quisto passes him... Skolly is no where in sight, far ahead, we lose sight of Quisto and then the cheating starts…

There were rumours of boarders hitching a ride by holding on to bikes, and boarders sabotaging each other with sticks… but no one knows as at this point, we were way to far behind on the bakkie. When we go to the bottom of the hill, we then found out that Skolly claimed the title of King of the Hill! Second was Quisto and third was Byron. Such an exciting race and everyone was still in good spirits… Now for the girls…

I had a lump in my throat and my heart was pounding…. All I was thinking “I gotta go down this hill on this board and not come off”. With Angel Hale making it just on time all the way from JHB after being stuck in the forest… we managed to get all the Ladies together.
The ladies League for Queen of the Hill consisted of: Natasha Emerick, Court Gibson, Angel Hale and Keelan Kamp.

3… 2… 1… Go Go Go and we were off!
Myself and Natasha (the Graskop born and bred girls) took the lead with the two newer girls at the back trying to scrape their bodies down the hill… Myself and Natasha lost them so I am not entirely sure what happened there. Neck on Neck we raced until I could no longer take the speed and Natasha over took me by a far mile… whether there was some cheating involved I cannot say… Natasha took the Queen of the hill like a champ, we then headed back to the backpackers to Celebrate!

Wet and Dirty all night there was no time for setting up the main event which was tacking place on Saturday the 7th of September at Hamilton Parks Country Lodge. The 136 crew built a whole track for the event at Hamilton Adventures with ramps, rails, dirt, grass slopes, stage, bar and stall all set under the shade of a big tree.

In true Dirty DayZ style nothing ran according to schedule and we just made it up as we went. Thank goodness for this amazing food stall called Lillies ‘n Thyme, they fed us all up with some Sosatie panini rolls, cheesy bacon skewers and chicken wings just to name a few. If it wasn’t for this food stall I would have died on the spot. There was also another cool stall called Home Grown Creative and a Tattoo Stand from Graskop called Conquer Tattoos & Piercings. At around 1pm the sun started coming out and the track started hardening up, time for the next heat!

First up we had Slope Style: Boarding where riders get to show off their tricks and use of the slope style course, which is a grassy mild slope with a few obstacles like ramps and rails. The judges will then rate the riders and the best rider will win their very own Slope Style Trophy.

At this point we had some new riders join the league and the men, woman and child competed against each other in the same league. The riders were: Janhendrick Nel, Chicken Boy, Byron Hogan, Skolly Skolwani, Jani Lourens, Court Gibson, Natasha Emmerick, Angel Hale, Dom Pappa, Taigen Wearne and Stanley Miller.

All the riders were pulling out their top tricks and hitting huge jumps, getting crazy air… Chicken Boy attempted a front flip and once again landed square on his face, he got up, brushed it off and took the trophy for Best Bail (which is ironically named after him “The Chicken Boy Trophy”)! Now, The Hot seat was on fire and the judges were making bad choices, until myself and Jani pulled some tricks out of our sleeves, I hit a rail for the first time ever and landed it like a boss… Jani feeling the adrenaline came right out and hit oupa erkie, a huge ramp, She landed it so smooth that it almost looked like she was just floating in the air! With a smile on her face and mine, we both too k a tied win for Slope Style! Second was Skolly Skolwani and third was Janhendrick Nel.
Even Taigen Wearne, an 8-year-old kid with more guts then a fully-grown man, hit a huge rail and took home the trophy for Rider’s Choice!

Next up was Boarder-X: A dual boarder-x race on a long downhill track with burns, rollers and dirt table obstacles. Riders compete for the official Boarder-X trophy. This track goes right through the bar and stage area, giving the spectators a close-up view of the riders.
The ladies were up first with Jani Lourens taking the trophy home, 2nd was myself and 3rd was Natasha and Angel. The men’s league was next, this was a heated race with the boarders having some sort of a colour bomb strapped to their boards leaving a cool trail of different colours behind them. Byron Hogan took home the trophy with Quisto 2nd and Janhendrick 3rd.

As the sun was setting it was time for the final, Big Air: This show begins with just one hit of the rider’s best trick, over a 6-meter gap, best trick is decided by the judges and the winner takes home the trophy. This is where the girls tap out… its just a little too extreme for us girls.
These guys came out with the most intense tricks you have ever seen, flying over this massive ramp, Janhenrick took first place with Quisto at a close 2nd and Dom Pappa 3rd.

Then as evening was drawing near, Klumbsy Oxx started playing on his home-made instruments making whacky sounds that are unheard of, suddenly the ramp is on fire and fire works are going explosions and these mountain boarders are flying over this ramp that’s on fire! The Crowd goes wild! It was a proper kick off in to the evening of rough tunes!
Prize giving was handed out between the bands. Also, on the bill was The Uninvited Guests (Our band from Graskop, I play drums) and Pennydrop (Punks from JHB)! We killed it all the way to midnight…
It was a real out of this world experience, its not for the light hearted, expect to get dirty, muddy, wet nasty and have a hell a lot of fun! Next year the event will be held the same time, same place…

You can keep an eye on it by following the 136 Facebook page or you can contact Quisto van Greenman directly for any mountainboarding or Dirty Dayz Queries 0825433594