World Mountainboard Championships 2020 and 2021

Official announcement for the locations and dates for WMC2020 and WMC2021!

In 2020, the WMC returns to Compi├Ęgne, France

We announced this in a previous news in January, but here's a reminder and a confirmation that the WMC20 will take place in Compi├Ęgne. Details are still in the works, but the dates are set: July 14th-18th 2020!

More details will come in time, but a big thank you to Ludovic Faure and the AMC team for committing to running the WMC once again. We had an epic time in 2017, and we're looking forward to racing and competing on the modified track and jumps!

In 2021, the WMC is going to Australia!

If you attended this year's 4 Down premiere, you know this already. Otherwise here's the big news:

Australian Mountainboarders are hosting the World Mountainboard Championships 2021 at Ace-Hi Ranch!

Because this is the Southern Hemisphere, the dates will be different from the usual. They're not set yet, but the event will take place in November or December 2021.

To make sure everyone knows what to expect, we asked Dylan to put this video together:

Check out the course on the map below, even though they're still working on it, you can see it (to the bottom right)!

We're super excited that this is happening! For one, it's about time the WMC goes beyond Europe! Then, the Australian Mountainboarders have been working incredibly hard to get this project going, and we're very happy to support them by giving this amazing looking track the visibility it deserves. And finally because we people in the Northern hemisphere really (selfishly) look forward to an event in the dead of Winter!