Freestyle in Poland, Boardercross in Serbia!

As you may know, this year's World Mountainboard Championship wass split into two events, with Freestyle taking place in Poland in July (see our WFC19 report here), and Boardercross in Serbia.

As per usual, athletes from many countries came to measure themselves against the best mountainboarders. A few veteran athletes from the USA made the trip, including Akoni Kama and Josh Knepper, who both were there from the very early days of US mountainboarding. Seeing them back on boards was a treat. Akoni even pledged to throw a backflip on the freestyle course after almost a decade off!

The track

Serbia's held the World Championships several times now, last time being in 2016. Everyone who's been to the track there knows what a special place it is, minutes from the city, and yet sheltered from the noise and the craze.

A photo of the start gates
The start gates

Since 2016, the course was modified in specific spots in order to let athletes manage speed better, which was always a challenge. The biggest change though, was the addition of a new feature in mountainboarding: a corkscrew bridge! The feature proved challenging for regular-footers as the following berm made it difficult to navigate. In the end, that did not end up favoring goofy-footers too much as the Pro finals had 2 athletes of each stance.

An athlete going through the corkscrew bridge
The corkscrew bridge

4 Down video premiere

Kody Stewart presenting the project
Premiering the 4 Down videos at PUBeraj

On Wednesday night, the IMA held the 4 Down video contest premiere at PUBeraj, a pub in downtown Novi Sad. All 4 athlete-produced videos were shown, and that kicked off the online voting which determined the winner. More details on the 2019 4 Down results page here).

Trampa Tic-Tac World Championships

You may remember we announced this new competition recently. We're proud to announce it was a big success!

A golden mountainboard heelstrap
The golden heelstrap, the coveted prize

For more pictures on this fun event, head over to Surfing Dirt's dedicated album.

The racing

Andy Rolfe's video below does a great job of showing a lot of the racing, so we'll let it speak for us!

Results and thank-you's

Please see the official results below:

A huge storm came our way right after the finals were over and disrupted the end of the day, which means the Freestyle session was canceled (and Akoni could not do his backflip there), and the prize-giving ceremony had to take place later, which explains the unorthodox podium pictures below!

  • The winners of the Ladies category on the podium
    Ladies podium
  • The winners of the Masters category on the podium
    Masters podium
  • The winners of the Pro category on the podium
    Pro podium

The IMA would like to thank Mountainboard Serbia for all the work they put into organizing the event, as well as all the volunteers who came together to make this a great event for the athletes and spectators! Congratulations!