The results of the 2019 4 Down video contest are in!

If you've missed the whole thing, head over to the news page detailing the contest and this year's videos.

Before we even get into it, allow us to thank the athletes and the talented film makers who put a lot of work into this project!

This year's contest is sponsored by Surfing Dirt, the new online community for mountainboarders! First prize gets 300€, second prize gets 150€!

Because it was fun last year, let's reuse the little animation to let everyone go through the race! Click the button below:

Detailed results


And the winner is... oh my god we have two winners!!!

Incredibly, after a super tough battle, some ups and downs, we ended up with exactly 195 votes for both the Brazilian and the French videos!
Note: we cut off voting at 23:59:59 Wednesday September 18th (Brazil time).

Congratulations to both the Brazilian and the French crews on the win! They produced massively different videos, but both found their public, and we're very happy to see those videos out there.

We also wish to congratulate Nicky and the Polish crew for their hard work! The IMA would also like to extend a special thank you to Dawid who entered the video challenge even though he had his hands full with the WFC19.

In conclusion, let's be honest, the videos are all great in their own right, and beyond the quality, a big factor into the results is how the videos were shared on social media. So one lesson for the future: social media presence is important! Keep posting!