World Boardercross Championship 2019 (September 6th-7th) - live coverage

We'll be adding updates as the event takes place, so come back often!

For schedule information, check out the timeline on the official event site.

  • Latest update - September 7th - 21:05

    We have a plan!

    Everyone come to the Varad Inn hostel in Novi Sad!

    We'll do prize giving at 22:00!


  • Update - September 7th - 19:17


    Did I say freestyle? I meant Armageddon!

    All hell broke loose, and we got caught in a crazy thunderstorm, which means we had to cancel freestyle and delay the prize giving ceremony.

    We don't know yet what we're going to do but we'll let you know as soon as we can.


  • Update - September 7th - 18:12

    Boardercross is over, it's freestyle o'clock!

    If the weather holds!

    We'll be posting results shortly.


  • Update - September 7th - 14:23

    Pro knockouts round 1

    Just about to start!


  • Update - September 7th - 13:46

    Riders meeting in 15 minutes!

    And then, it is on!

    This time tomorrow, we'll have our new World Champions!


  • Update - September 7th - 11:09

    A Storm is Brewing

    Athletes are arriving at the track and the final preparations are being completed. Today we crown World BoarderX Champions.

    We will see a new Ladies World BoarderX Champion today, but who will it be?

    In the Masters, will TJ retain his title or will the return of Diego Anderson change things?

    Will Kody Stewart #breakTheCurse and be the first top qualifier to win the event? Can Matt Brind challenge him or will we see a new Pro World BoarderX Champion? The Wanklyns are certainly looking strong...

    What a day of racing we have ahead of us.


  • Update - September 7th - 10:31

    Today's the day!

    We'll see you at the track for the riders meeting at 14:00.

    Be there on time, because we'll be starting as soon as possible to avoid the rains later in the afternoon!


  • Update - September 6th - 22:30

    Dawid Rzaca is World Tic Tac Champion!

    Won fair and square, too!


  • Update - September 6th - 20:38

    Qualifying Results 2

    And here's the last part of the results, and overall fastest times from today.

    The real work starts tomorrow!


  • Update - September 6th - 20:35

    Qualifying Results are in

    Kody Stewart, the King of Qualifying and current World BoarderX Champion takes pole position and is looking strong to #breakTheCurse. To prove it, his three times are in the top 4 of all times....


  • Update - September 6th - 18:39

    The World Tic Tac Championship is about to start!

    Right after Mountainboard curling finishes though!


  • Update - September 6th - 15:12

    About to start

    We're running a bit late, but will start soon!


  • Update - September 6th - 14:24

    Riders meeting now!

    It is on!


  • Update - September 6th - 11:42

    The competition starts today!

    Riders meeting at 14:00 at the track, we will see you there!


  • Update - September 5th - 20:57

    We are live!

    Check our Facebook page!


  • Update - September 5th - 19:31

    Registration is at 20:00 at PUBeraj

    Be there!!!

    The 4 down project starts at 21:00 right after registration ends!


  • Update - September 5th - 15:28

    Accurate timing for the win!

    The IMA's genius in residence, our very own Matt Brind devised this super cool thing to repurpose a walkie talkie to trigger our timing system.

    Works like a charm, what a star!


  • Update - September 4th - 20:12

    Wednesday night dinner

    Everyone, meet up at Bezza Caffe in Novi sad at 21:00!


  • Update - September 4th - 19:35

    Sunset on the track

    Riders started coming in, took runs, the event is looking good!

    PS: temperatures are not going to go too high, woohoo!


  • Update - September 4th - 8:53

    The track is quietly waiting for you!

    It's early morning, the weather is amazing (and not too hot!) and the track is looking great.

    By this time tomorrow, many people will have started learning the track's ins and outs!


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