Trampa’s Tick Tack World Championships 2019

Trampa is excited to announce the world’s fastest uphill event! Welcome to Trampa’s Tick Tack World Championships! Taking place at the bar where the track crosses the road, we will be holding the first ever Tick Tack competition. So you think you’re fast, but can you tick tack fast?!

The format

All athletes, family, friends, spectators, and stray dogs will descend to the bar after qualifying on Friday the 6th of September. They will be asked to grab beers, or rakia, and line either side of the road that crosses the race course.

16 athletes will be selected based on how good they think they are and how good we believe they will be after falling on a track and having to tick tack for speed. Head to head racing will then commence!
After a brief introduction explaining why the athletes selected are underqualified to compete these infamous words will be shouted “Racer’s ready, attention, TICK TACK!” At this point athletes will start from a dead stop and have to tick tack their way down the road and towards the finish line. There will be a 500 Dinar note waiting for them at the finish and the athlete that holds this note at the end of the race will move on to the next round. The loser will receive a free beer and will be asked to rejoin the rest of the delinquents standing on the sidelines. Racing will continue until there are 2 athletes left. In the last round athletes will race for 2000 Dinar, a bottle of Rakia, and the coveted “Golden Heelstrap” award.

A photo of the Golden Heelstrap
The Golden Heelstrap

Congratulations, you are the World’s Fastest Tick Tacker!

The rules

The rules are simple. No pushing with your feet, no grabbing your fellow athlete, and stay in your lane. To the animals (spectators) on the side of the road... do not impede the athletes, do not stand on the asphalt, and get wild!

In all seriousness this is meant to be a fun contest to stoke everyone’s love for mountainboarding. Something to bring us together after a long day of racing and put a smile on everyone’s face.

We would like to thank Trampa for their sponsorship of this event. They have supported mountainboarding for years and know how to have a good time with it. We appreciate them and their dedication to the sport over the years. Just don’t forget to tag them in all your photos and videos with the hashtag #trampaisfastaf

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