World Freestyle Championship 2019 (July 26th-27th) - live coverage

We'll be adding updates as the event takes place, so come back often!

For schedule information, check out the timeline on the official event site.

  • Latest update - July 28th - 11:49

    Results are in!!

    Check them out at


  • Update - July 28th - 00:10

    And it's a wrap!

    2019 Freestyle is a wrap, and it was a good one!
    Lots of progression on tricks, a much stronger emphasis on rails, and when was the last time you saw two people pull double backflips within 5 seconds?!!
    The after party's just getting started, but for those who will be around tomorrow, Haero Boards is having a test ride of their new Bro Model deck at the Mosquito Spot venue, at 12:00. We'll see you there!


  • Update - July 27th - 18:26

    Pro final line-up

    Pro final is starting in 5 minutes! We've seen some pretty crazy stuff already, it's only gonna get crazier!


  • Update - July 27th - 16:47

    Pro Jam 1 Results

    Results are in from the Pro Rail Jam! Nicky G takes the top spot and goes into the jumps jam with extra points and will drop last!


  • Update - July 27th - 13:32

    Slalom comp is underway!

    Freestyle will take place later in the afternoon! Stay tuned!


  • Update - July 26th - 21:28

    Jib session under the floodlights

    A few people are already showing a lot of skills on the jib section!


  • Update - July 26th - 19:50

    Qualifying Results

    Qualifying results are in! A tie in 10th place means we take 11 athletes through to the Pro Finals tomorrow 💪


  • Update - July 26th - 17:21

    Riders meeting!

    We're about to start Freestyle qualifiers. 16 riders in the Pro category, coming from Poland, Ukraine, Czechy, the UK, France, Japan, and the Netherlands!


  • Update - July 26th - 13:43

    Practice is underway

    And here we see Dawid's board, the new Bro Model prototype from Haero Boards.


  • Update - July 26th - 11:02

    Here's the program!

    Take it easy everyone!


  • Update - July 26th - 09:58

    Ready for training!

    We're expecting a light cloud cover today, which we're very grateful for seeing the temperatures throughout Europe lately!


  • Update - July 26th - 00:32

    It is on!

    Today is Friday, and that means the competition is officially starting!

    The weather is going to be a little cooler today so that will hopefully make it easier to get some training going.

    We'll see you at 16:00 for slalom and probably before that for training (more details soon).

    In the meantime, we'll leave you with a quick photo of a training run on Thursday. This is local rider Cezary Bik throwing a big frontside 3 off of the third jump. Steezy!


  • Update - July 25th - 15:28

    We're almost ready!

    The weather is perfect, the jumps are ready and the anticipation for the event is building up!

    Check back here during the event for more updates!


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