WMC announcements

It's early 2019, and the IMA has two WMC annoucements to make!

One of the IMA’s largest accomplishments in 2018 was our support of the Slovenian World Championships. We came in to help with live timing, qualifications, and knockout brackets.This is something that we would like to repeat in the years to come.

2019 - Novi Sad, Serbia

After many months of deliberations we are happy to announce the 2019 World Boardercross Championships will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia! That’s right, we’re going back to where it all began. One of the most unique races on the circuit with arguably the fastest track in the world.
The team at Mountainboarding Serbia did an amazing job in 2018 by building a new hospitality area at the top of the track as well as adding a corkscrew to help manage the speed that track can create.
In 2019 they have proposed adding more features to help athletes have a more playful experience on what is a truly world class boardercross course!

A note from Mountainboard Serbia:

Hello our friends worldwide!
Now is Christmas time in Serbia (and Russia also) and we are very merry to announce and invite you all to World Mountainboard Championship in Bukovac - 6-7th September. It was a bumpy road for us, but are looking forward to see you all again on the best hill in the world, who was here - he/she knows what are we talking about, and who wasn't - it's finally time to do so. We are preparing something you won't forget so - put the circle on your calendar and keep riding!
-Thorn in Eye team Serbia

We at the IMA look forward to working side by side with Boba, Predrag, and the rest of the team at Mountainboard Serbia to create a wonderful event for athletes on and off the course!

September 6th-7th, 2019

Novi Sad, Serbia

ATB Park Bukovac

Gornja Baranja, 21000, Serbia

But wait...there’s more! In a move to give athletes more time to prepare we would like to announce the World Championship 2 years in advance.

With that being said:

2020 - Compiègne, France

In 2017, France hosted their first World Championship. With a technical track, live timing, and an awesome freestyle setup they ran an amazing contest. Ludo and the team in France have pushed the sport for years and it will be an honor to help produce the World Championships with them in 2020. We look forward to this collaboration and we hope the ample advance notice will allow more riders to make the trip to Compiègne!

July 15th-18th, 2020

Compiègne, France

Association Mountainboard Compiegne

Mountain Parc, Parc du bois de plaisance, 60280 Venette France

This is a while away so more details will come forth this year. In the meantime we are building event schedules and preparing for another wonderful year of traveling and riding with everyone from around the world!