June 20-22 2019Zeche Ewald Ruhr, 45699 Herten, Germany, Germany

The Haldenhoppen is a camp in Germany at the "Ruhrgebiet". We will camp near an old Collierry (51°34'21.9"N 7°08'50.7"E) and will drive down from the heaps "Halde Hoppenbruch" (51°33'41.7"N 7°09'14.3"E) and "Halde Hoheward" (51°34'07.7"N 7°09'47.2"E). This is no Competition, just a meet togehther with friends to have a good time. Here is a link of a TV report from our local boarder Kaky: https://www.sat1nrw.de/aktuell/zechen-sport-187628/

Contact: martin@atbagermany.de

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