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World Boardercross Championship

September 06-07 2019Bukovac, Serbia, Serbia

The 2019 World Boardercross Championship

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Swiss Downhill Open

August 17 2019Flumserberg, Switzerland

This summer ATBA switzerland invites all downhill mountainboarders to Flumserberg in southeast switzerland. Flumserberg has an incredible downhill course called "Blue Salamander". With a length of 3.8 km, difference in altitue of 356 m and a track with of 1.5 m, the track is rideable either with or without brakes for advanced and pro riders. A gondola brings you back to the top. Friday August 16th is the arrival and trainingday. Saturday August 17th will be competition day. The format is open pit lane. Every rider can do as many runs as he want. Sunday August 18th will be chill out, sightseeing and departure day. ATBA switzerland has rented a house with 20+ beds and a large parking. Everyone is wellcome to stay in this house for the weekend or park his van in front of the house. Friday and Saturday evening we will have a BBQ at the house. Don't miss this event! More info will follow soon!

Contact: Marco Dähler, marco_dae@hotmail.com

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World Freestyle Championship

July 26-27 2019Mosquito Park, Poland, Poland

The 2019 World Freestyle Championship

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Mount Fest

July 05-07 2019Bugsboarding, UK

Mountfest is Back!!! After growing success over the last four years we return again to those gorgeous hilly fields to give you the weekend that will make your summer! Evolving from a party and mountainboarding session with close mates into, well, a bigger party with even more friends!! Come along for creative play and extreme sports, we have something for everyone this year...Featuring Live Bands, DJs, Fire & Circus Performances, Creative Workshops, Games and of course, a whole lotta mountainboarding! Mountfest really is about how much you get involved as well as how much you come to see, so don’t forget to take part in the graffitti workshops and arts and craft sessions, and have a go at mountainboarding too! (beginner routes and lessons avaliable). Its time to express yourself in a beautiful setting... See you there...

Contact: Simon Neck

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MBF Hi Board

July 01-10 2019Russia, Murmansk region, Kirivsk, RUSSIA

start to making MB infrastructure in Hibiny mountains

Contact: skype: a_lightman@live.com

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June 20-22 2019Zeche Ewald Ruhr, 45699 Herten, Germany, Germany

The Haldenhoppen is a camp in Germany at the "Ruhrgebiet". We will camp near an old Collierry (51°34'21.9"N 7°08'50.7"E) and will drive down from the heaps "Halde Hoppenbruch" (51°33'41.7"N 7°09'14.3"E) and "Halde Hoheward" (51°34'07.7"N 7°09'47.2"E). This is no Competition, just a meet togehther with friends to have a good time. Here is a link of a TV report from our local boarder Kaky: https://www.sat1nrw.de/aktuell/zechen-sport-187628/

Contact: martin@atbagermany.de

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French Championship - Freestyle

June 01-02 2019pin Lieu-dit La Briorderie, 44640 Rouans, France, France

The French Championship is taking place over 4 days this year. This is the Freestyle part, held near the city of Nantes.

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French Championship - Boardercross

May 30-31 2019Moulin du roc'h, 29300 Arzano, Bretagne, France, France

The French Championship is taking place over 4 days this year. This is the Boardercross part, held near the city of Lorient

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